How having good focus helps me be more effective in my work and in life too

Saying goodbye to a bunch of old newspapers, my latest excessant

It’s probably best that I admit something right up from the outset on this blog and that is, I am an excessant — yep as soon as I typed that, my computer put a giant red squiggle under the word to point out that it is isn’t even a proper word but hopefully you understood it as soon as I wrote it.

The Faris Aranki Dictionary* defines Excessant as someone who displays excessive/borderline addictive behaviours at certain times and with certain things.

Let me give you a few examples from my life:

  1. My childhood years — certainly an excessant when it came to sweets and chocolate

I wouldn’t say that I have conquered all these excesses (I mean I still struggle when it comes to a restaurant buffet for example and I have been known to lose hours to candy crush on my phone) but I’ve certainly got a lot better.

How improving my Focus Quotient has helped

A key part of that is because I have actively worked on my levels of FQ (focus quotient). If you haven’t heard of focus quotient before check out this, this and this.

Fundamentally it is the ability to focus on what is important to you (be that in your work or personal life). It is a big area that my company, Shiageto Consulting, helps businesses with.

The good news is that FQ is something you can develop and improve with practice. Let me outline 3 key components for how you can do this:

  1. It all starts by having clear goals, you can’t focus if you don’t know what problem you are solving or what you want to achieve.

I have countless hacks that I have developed in my own life to overcome these dreaded focus barriers including:

  • Dividing my working week into six groups of tasks and timeboxing each of them so as make sure I spend time on each without trying to multi-task (e.g. if I have dedicated time to designing a workshop which is part of my DELIVER task group then I don’t also dip into answering emails during that time which is part of my ADMIN task group)

How’s your FQ?

Hopefully reading all about FQ will help inspire you to question your levels of focus and to start thinking of ways to improve it. When you start it may not be easy but I assure you that the more you practise the easier and better it becomes.

And, if you need a helping hand then reach out to me or the team at Shiageto…

  • not a real dictionary

Faris is the CEO and Founder of Shiageto Consulting, an innovative consultancy that helps firms and individuals sharpen their effectiveness.

Success = IQ x EQ x FQ



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