After blogging weekly for a year on Medium, something strange happened on my last blog…

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I’ve been blogging consistently for a year now on Medium; when I say consistently I mean almost every week (well that is the aspiration but I must admit that some weeks I just don’t get round to it 🙄).

Despite the odd missed week, I really do enjoy blogging. It’s one of those things (a bit like going to the gym) that I dread a little bit in the build up to tackling it but then get immense satisfaction from once I am in the middle of doing it (not to mention the warm glow once I’ve finished a blog — I look forward to that once I hit the Publish button on this bad boy).

What do I get from blogging?

Not only does it give me a sense of achievement but I like blogging because it helps me sharpen my thoughts (much the same way as preparing a talk for a conference or pulling together a workshop for a client does — in fact many blogs unbeknownst to me become the first draft of a talk, speech, workshop or even a book…).

Further to that, blogging is cathartic, allowing me to document my endeavours as I go about starting a business from scratch (so that I can chart my progress and celebrate the ups and downs) and, most importantly of all, it allows me to provide another way to connect with my clients, friends and acquaintances.

The investment of 30 mins each week to plan, draft and write a few musings are comfortably worth it as far as I am concerned.

What about the stats?

With these modest ambitions, I do not set myself lofty goals in terms of numbers of readers, comments or pretty much anything else. I’m just happy if one person who isn’t my mum and dad (love you Mama and Baba 🥰) reads the damn thing.

Having begun with a sum total of 8 people reading my first blog, I now have reached a pretty steady state where 50–60 people read each of my blogs (although the last month has seen a much lower turnout than that).

Obviously there are several factors that influence this, namely:

What happened with your last blog?

My last (new) blog entitled “What have I learnt from being on 50 podcasts in a year?” set a new personal best and blew my numbers out of the water.

Not only did I get 4x the usual readers but I even got private messages about the blog. People I’d never spoken to began to reach out to tell me that they enjoyed the blog.

I was absolutely blown away and could not for the life of me work out what I had done…a fact made abundantly clear when my next blog sunk back to 11 viewers.

What’s your conclusion?

So, my conclusion is that it probably just came down to luck! However, there is one thing I do know, that you can increase your chances of luck by being consistent.

Let’s see how this week’s blog goes, but honestly I’m just happy if you alone enjoy the read and eternally grateful for your time .

It’s much the same as the postings I do on LinkedIn or the talks I give at conferences; do it for the love and everything else is a bonus. That my friends is a big part of running your own business…😁

Addendum: I have subsequently discovered that my blog got picked up and profiled in Podnews daily newsletter to it’s 25,000 readers (you can find it half way down on the link) and that is what caused the spike. How cool is that!

Faris is the CEO and Founder of Shiageto Consulting, an innovative consultancy that helps firms and individuals sharpen their effectiveness.

Success = IQ x EQ x FQ



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Faris Aranki

Strategist, Facilitator, Emotional Intelligence(ist) with a passion for sorting out the people issues that stop great ideas from being successfully delivered